Lint-free | Microfiber Roller Cover Roller Sleeve & Roller Covers 8mm & 12mm Nap | 270mm & 460mm

$13.50$520.00 Ex GST


High-density Poly Acrylic roller sleeve/roller covers, 12mm nap, ideal for water-based enamel gloss or satin finishes.

Available in 270mm and 460mm, 8mm nap & 12mm nap.

Additional Information

Shipping Weight0.15 kg
Shipping Dimensions46 x 7 x 7 cm
length-nap270mm x 8 mm nap | 270mm x 12mm nap | 460mm x 8mm nap | 460mm x 12mm nap
bulk-qtySingle | Pack of 10 | Pack of 25 | Pack of 100
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