BMG-580PRO Floor Grinder

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BMG-580PRO Floor Grinder

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A medium sized floor grinder

Working width: 580 mm | The BMG-580PRO is a medium sized triple head grinder with 3 planetary rotating discs 185 mm. It has a LCD screen for all required information.

The Blastrac BMG-580PRO is a medium sized triple head grinder which is standard equipped with speed control. The BMG-580PRO is designed for various sizes of horizontal surface preparation applications. It is an ideal machine for companies dealing with removal of coating, concrete grinding or polishing applications.

The BMG-580PRO triple head grinder is dust free when connected to the appropriate dust collection system. Blastrac has designed a full range of triple head grinders and diamond products, which give the opportunity to process any floor and specific application.


  • ¬†Closed circuit which is almost dust free, when connected to an appropriate Blastrac dust collector.
  • 3 planetary rotating discs 185 mm.
  • Heavy duty frequency drive.
  • LCD screen for all required information, such as amperage and rotating speed of the diamond tools.
  • Double protected emergency stop.
  • Separate drive system for central rotation and 3-disc planetary distribution.
  • User friendly and comfortable to use with low vibration.
  • No risk of underground deterioration.
  • Can work even in places with high hygiene and safety standards (food, pharmaceutical, medical industries)
  • Perfect for decorative floor applications.
  • Convenient for dry and wet applications, indoor, outdoor.
  • Floating shroud with brush for every application.
  • Many optional tools, which are easy to change because of the patented Diamag system.



The Blastrac BMG-580PRO triple head grinder is designed for surface preparation before coating, concrete grinding and polishing, cleaning and removal of coatings, paint, thin glues and much more. The BMG-580PRO is also ideal for use with industrial flooring applications, concrete preparation, and decorative flooring.

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