BGS-250 Floor Grinder

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BGS-250 Floor Grinder


A floor grinder that is easy and comfortable to use.

Working width: Ø250 mm | The BGS-250 has an adjustable grinding depth and it’s very easy and comfortable to use with low vibrations.

The Blastrac BGS-250 is a single-disc concrete grinder especially designed for small to medium horizontal surface preparation applications. The BGS-250 is very easy and comfortable to use with low vibrations. The BGS-250 single disc grinder is dust free when connected to the appropriate Blastrac dust collection system. Blastrac has designed a full range of concrete grinders and diamond products, which give the opportunity to treat any floor and specific application.

  • Closed circuit which is almost dust free, when connected to an appropriate Blastrac dust collector.
  • Single-head grinding machine Ø250 mm.
  • Designed for small to medium horizontal surfaces.
  • Can grind right up to the edge.
  • Adjustable grinding depth.
  • No risk of underground deterioration.
  • User friendly and comfortable to use with low vibrations.
  • Compact and light: easy to transport and carry upstairs.
  • Because of the especially designed flexible coupling, the grinding disc makes optimal contact with the floor.
  • Several optional grinding discs for an optimized use in every specific application.


The BGS-250 concrete grinder is perfect for the surface preparation of small to medium floors, surface leveling, preparation before coating, and removal of coating defects or adhesives. The BGS-250 is also ideal for use with industrial flooring applications, concrete preparation, and decorative flooring.

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 118 × 52 × 112 cm