Maintaining and replacing your PPE

As a tradie, your personal protective equipment (PPE) is your first line of defence against injury or illness on the job. Whether you're working with concrete, cutting metal, or handling hazardous materials, your PPE is essential for protecting you from harm.

But what happens when your PPE becomes worn, damaged or faulty? Do you keep using it, or do you replace it? In this blog, we'll discuss why tradies should maintain and replace faulty PPE equipment.

Protection from injury or illness
The main reason for wearing PPE is to protect yourself from injury or illness. If your PPE is worn, damaged or faulty, it may not provide the protection you need. For example, a hard hat with a crack in it may not protect your head from a falling object, or a pair of safety glasses with scratched lenses may not protect your eyes from flying debris.

Legal requirements
Under Australian workplace health and safety laws, employers are required to provide PPE to their workers and ensure that it is in good condition. As a tradie, it's your responsibility to use the PPE provided and report any faults or damage to your employer. Continuing to use faulty PPE can put both you and your employer at risk of legal action.

Improved performance
Wearing faulty PPE can also affect your performance on the job. If your PPE is uncomfortable or doesn't fit properly, you may be distracted or unable to move freely. This can affect your ability to do your job safely and efficiently.

While it may seem expensive to replace faulty PPE, it can actually be more cost-effective in the long run. A serious injury or illness caused by faulty PPE can result in lost wages, medical bills and other costs. By replacing faulty PPE, you're investing in your own safety and avoiding the potential costs of an accident.

In conclusion, tradies should maintain and replace faulty PPE equipment for their own safety, legal requirements, improved performance, and cost-effectiveness. If you notice any faults or damage to your PPE, report it to your employer and request a replacement. At Concrete Finishers Warehouse, we offer a range of high-quality PPE to keep you safe on the job. Browse our selection today and invest in your safety.

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