Keep an eye out for new Silica dust LAW'S

In Australia, a new set of Silica laws has recently been introduced that affect the way in which concrete finishers operate. These laws are designed to protect workers from the harmful effects of crystalline silica dust, which is released when cutting, grinding or drilling into concrete, rock, brick or other materials containing silica.

Under the new laws, employers must ensure that their workers are protected from exposure to silica dust. This involves implementing measures to control the amount of dust in the air, as well as providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to workers.

Some of the specific measures that employers must take include:

Conducting risk assessments: Employers must assess the risks associated with silica dust exposure and implement controls to reduce the risk of harm.

Implementing controls: Employers must implement controls to minimize dust exposure, such as using wet cutting methods or dust extraction systems.

Providing PPE: Employers must provide PPE to workers, including respirators, eye protection and clothing.

Training workers: Employers must ensure that workers are trained on the risks associated with silica dust exposure and the appropriate measures to control exposure.

Monitoring and reviewing controls: Employers must regularly monitor and review the effectiveness of the controls implemented to ensure they are working as intended.

These new laws are important for concrete finishers, as silica dust is a major hazard in the concrete industry. Long-term exposure to silica dust can lead to serious health problems, such as silicosis, lung cancer, and kidney disease.

By implementing these new measures, employers can help protect their workers from these hazards and ensure that they are complying with the new Silica laws in Australia. It is also important for workers to take responsibility for their own health and safety by following the procedures and wearing the PPE provided.

In conclusion, the new Silica laws in Australia are an important step in protecting workers from the harmful effects of silica dust. By implementing the measures outlined in the laws, employers can help ensure the health and safety of their workers, while also complying with their legal obligations. Concrete finishers should familiarize themselves with these laws and take the necessary steps to protect themselves from exposure to silica dust.

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